featured services

  • Server/workstation design, deployment, integration, management, and repair

  • Wired and wireless networking, including firewall configuration

  • Database development

  • Web development

  • Messaging services (Exchange)

  • Security services

  • Cryptography (Encryption, VPN, etc.)

  • Mobile technologies (Blackberries, PDAs, etc)

  • Safe technology disposal

  • Desktop support

  • Disaster Preparedness/Business
  •  Continuity planning

  • …and much much more


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What is The Non-Profit Technology Assurance Group

All organizations deploy various technologies in an effort to gain workplace efficiencies.  Technology comes with inherent risks however, whether it is from data loss, security breaches, or improper use of technology.

Technology represents a huge operational liability if it is not selected and deployed correctly.

The Non-Profit Technology Assurance Group specializes in helping non-profit organizations maximize their investment in technology while minimizing the operational risks associated with it.